Psychology Careers Festival

Psychology Careers Festival

Empsy® Mission
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Pleased to share our journeys, hints and tips with you about how you can best prepare for a career in psychology and psychotherapy at the Psychology Careers Festival 2023. Here was Natalia’s story:

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New Research: Social identity is the key factor in mental health.

Loss of social identities would lead to social isolation, distress, and depression according to the latest research.

*Empsy® Limited is the #1* social enterprise in empowerment psychology offering the best quality services in psychology, coaching, consulting, and training to individuals, organizations & communities.

Thus, we offer affordable insurances for mental health & wellness with emergency coverage 24/7.

The company is presented by GHP News with the Social Care Award 2022; 2023 as:

                                                        The Best Mental Health Coaching Consultancy – East of England

The merit-led selection process narrows down nominees to seek out and celebrate that Empsy Limited stands out from the crowd as a leading social care business. This truly represents all the challenging work @Empsy and our dedication paying off.


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Empsy® Aims
We aim to achieve the mission of empowerment by widening access to psychology through integrating the following services:

Coaching – Executive, management, peer, personal coaching, mentoring and supervision.
Consulting – a wide range of psychological interventions and consultancy services for individuals, communities & organizations.
Training – Bespoke training programmes to meet individual & organizational needs.

Research & Development (R&D) – We are committed to continuing vigorous research & development to ensure that we are at the forefront of the discipline and our products and services are evidenced-based.

Donate via to support our psycho-social environmental research and community action. Any donations (tips) go toward the Empsy® Network (Empowerment Psychology) sustainability fund.


If you have attended our workshop – We would appreciate 2 minutes of your time to answer a few questions. Your feedback will help us when arranging future events: Post-workshop Feedback

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Some of our CPD events and workshops are in collaboration with The British Psychological Society.

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