Psychological Services

We are a network of chartered psychologists The British Psychological Society:  clinical, counselling, educational, occupational psychologists and consultants; and provide a range of psychological and consultancy services. We respect the local culture and observe the legal and professional framework in the country where we work; for example, in the UK, that is HCPC health & care professions council  

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Empsy® helps companies and communities to develop their people and organization through a unique design and change programme with a wide range of analytical and psychological tools in our portfolio, including

  • ACT (Acceptance and commitment therapy)
  • Assessment (a wide range of psychometric tests for assessment & development centre and leadership training) 
  • behavioural research & intervention
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Techniques) 
  • EI (Emotional Intelligence) 
  • Empowerment Psychology 
  • GROW model that is grounded on evidence-based psychological principles at each stage 
  • Health & Safety from the ergonomic & human factors perspectives 
  • Impact evaluation mapping input, process, output and outcome
  • Mindfulness-based interventions 
  • Narrative coaching for both individuals groups & teams 
  • Systems analysis (including both quantitative and qualitative techniques such as system dynamic & Soft systems methodology 

We can always find an appropriate psychologist and other personnal to provide a special expertise for your organizational and individual need.

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