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New Research: Social identity is the key factor in mental health.

Loss of social identities would lead to social isolation, distress, and depression according to the latest research.

Thus, we offer affordable insurance for mental health & wellness with emergency coverage 24/7.

As a company, we aspire to champion mental health and social prescribing in communities and are proud to sponsor our volunteers for voluntary work in the Chinese community in Peterborough, winning the King’s Award for Voluntary Service in 2023


The Empsy® (Empowerment Psychology) company provides a full range of psychological services in coaching, consulting, mentoring, and training to empower people, places, and the planet. It won the Social Care Award in 2022 & and 2023 as the Best Mental Health Coaching Consultancy – East of England (GHP News).

Empsy® Aims
We aim to achieve the mission of empowerment by widening access to psychology through integrating the following services:

Coaching – Executive, management, peer, personal coaching, mentoring and supervision.
Consulting – a wide range of psychological interventions and consultancy services for individuals, communities & organizations.
Training – Bespoke training programmes to meet individual & organizational needs.

Research & Development (R&D) – We are committed to continuing vigorous research & development to ensure that we are at the forefront of the discipline and our products and services are evidenced-based.

Donate via paypal.me/2empsy to support our psycho-social environmental research and community action. Any donations (tips) go toward the Empsy® Network (Empowerment Psychology) sustainability fund.

If you have attended our workshop – We would appreciate 2 minutes of your time to answer a few questions. Your feedback will help us when arranging future events: Post-workshop Feedback

@Empsy We are searching and calling for champions and dreamers of the world – leaders, gamechangers and pacesetters.

Together, we know how to make our dreams come true.

Together, we can make the world a better place for all.

Empsy® Network provides you with:

  1. A network where you connect and collaborate with people with diverse skills. knowledge and experiences…
  2. An organization with flexibility and no hierarchies…
  3. A platform where you have the freedom to express your aspiration and creativity.
  4. A virtual space where you are given the freedom to decide when you work, where you work and what you do.
  5. and much more…

Empsy® Network is both an inclusive and exclusive business community network. We welcome people from diverse cultures and backgrounds with well-defined knowledge, skills & experience. Some of our members are professional practitioners with higher educational backgrounds while others are business owners directors and/or community leaders with years of experience in business, industries & communities. Membership is by invitation only. To enroll in the accreditation coaching programme, applicants must first become a member and demonstrate their capacity to learn i.e. they have the necessary knowledge, skills & experience in their defined area of practice. For further information, email: enquiry@empsy.com

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