is an award winning* leading social enterprise in empowerment psychology offering the highest quality services in psychology, coaching, consulting and training to individuals, organizations & communities.

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*Empsy® Limited has been presented by the GHP News with the Social Care Award 2022 as:

the Best Mental Health Coaching Consultancy – East of England 

The merit led selection process narrows down nominees in order to seek out and celebrate the companies that stand out from the crowd as a leading social care businessThis truly represents all of our hard work and dedication paying off.

We aim to achieve the mission of empowerment by widening access to psychology through integrating the following services:

Coaching – Executive, management and personal coaching mentoring and supervision.
Consulting – a wide range of psychological interventions and consultancy services for individuals, communities & organizations.
Training – Bespoke training programmes to meet individual & organizational need.

Research & Development (R&D) – We are committed to continuing vigorous research & development to ensure that we are at the forefront of the discipline and our products and services are evidenced-based.

Donate via paypal.me/2empsy to support our psycho-social environmental research and community action. Any donations (tips) go toward the Empsy® Network (Empowerment Psychology) sustainability fund.


If you have attended our workshop – We would appreciate 2 minutes of your time to answer a few questions. Your feedback will help us when arranging future events Post-workshop Feedback

Some of our CPD events and workshops are in collaboration with The British Psychological Society.

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