Empsy® Cambridge Coaching Psychology Group

Coaching aims to unlock the potential of people and organizations to maximise their performance.

Together, we contributed the first Professional Forum, Association for Coaching (2004), the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) Conference (2006), co-founded the BPS Special group in coaching psychology (SGCP, 2004); and International Society for Coaching Psychology (2008, 2011).

Empsy® trademark was granted by the Patent Office in the UK. It benefits our accredited members and promotes their right to establish their coaching business. Empsy® models of coaching make a positive difference in enhancing client’s well-being and performance by using well-established psychological approaches. Our coaching tools are widely published by a leading publisher:

  • Law, H. (2013a). Psychology of Coaching, Mentoring & Learning. Second Edition. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons.
  • Law, H. (2013b). Coaching Psychology – A Practitioner’s Guide. Chichester: Wiley.

The Psychology of Coaching, Mentoring and Learning addresses the psychological principles upon which organizational and industrial coaching and mentoring are based. The new edition of this text is updated with new research, taking into account the growth of positive psychology and its role in coaching and mentoring. This book is ideal for coaches, mentors, trainers, psychologists, senior executives, managers, and students with an interest in this field.

And its sister companion Coaching Psychology: A Practitioner′s Guide takes an in–depth look at the applications and everyday challenges faced by real–world practitioners of coaching and mentoring psychology, and is ideal as a companion to The Psychology of Coaching, Mentoring and Learning. This guide presents the first book to translate a unified approach to coaching and mentoring into a guide for practice. It is ideal for coaches, mentors, psychologists, and other professionals interested in this area of practice.

We recommend you to have both books as your coaching references. They are the core textbooks for most of the Coaching Psychology qualifications at a postgraduate level and is required for the accreditation to become an Empsy® Coach and other coaching psychology professional organizations.

Cultural Social Intelligence (CSI):

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